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The Universal Political Party in Pursuit of a Vital Change in American Politics
Uniting Citizens to Save America from Corruption

Watertown, CT - June 3, 2014 -- The Universal Political Party, a creation of 86-year-old John Angelo Del Buono and Barbara Del Buono, is striving to eliminate political corruption in the United States by means of a new political party. John and Barbara Del Buono are also the creators of the Liberty System which finances the Universal Political Party, and serves as an alternative to the Spoils System used by the Republican and Democratic Parties for the past 238 years. In the country's current Spoils System, public office candidates have a predisposition to become corrupt through soliciting campaign money from sources outside their party. The Del Buonos, through the Liberty System, are seeking to conquer the corruption of American politics by reintroducing a party's responsibility to financially provide for candidates to run for office; thereby sustaining free election, and eliminating corruption of candidates who otherwise allow themselves to be bought.

"Politics in America has become so corrupted that any candidate receiving a nomination from their party has already agreed to be corruptible," said John Angelo Del Buono, co-creator of the Universal Political Party. Del Buono went on to say, "Our solution to this situation is to start a new political party free of the ability to corrupt candidates for office." Under the Liberty System, after paying their mandated dues, all candidates agree not to use their own money, nor anybody else's money, and instead to rely solely on the party treasury and active volunteer help of the members to run for public office. For $100 dues a qualified candidate can run for president, U.S. Senator, Governor, mayor or any other elected office in the United States. Therefore, John and Barbara Del Buono are seeking the $25 - $100 pledge of 10 - 40 million voters to obtain a national treasury of one billion dollars, and make this vital change in the nature of American politics. All of the money in the Universal Political Party comes from dues assessed on its members, whereas none of the money in the Democratic and Republican parties comes from dues assessed on its members. Unlike the Republican and Democratic Parties, this party is free of the ability to corrupt candidates for public office.

The Universal Political Party is founded with a 16-plank platform based on a return to the Judeo-Christian values that the United States was founded upon, and also based on a total cooperation of church and state. The platform includes recognition of the party's responsibility for finding qualified candidates who live by the Ten Commandments, and reliance on the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, as well as on the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church for guidance. America's first president, George Washington, disapproved of the Spoils System. John and Barbara Del Buono are confident he would approve of their Liberty System that will be exclusively used by the Universal Political Party, as they endeavor to bring the peace of Jesus Christ into the laws and culture of the United States of America, and to all men and women of good will throughout the nations of the world.

About John Angelo Del Buono and Barbara Del Buono and Ellingsworth Press

The Del Buonos are 86-year-old great-grandparents and self-publishers of their book, "The Cheated Generations", which includes the Universal Political Party and this country's need for it. The Del Buonos are also authors of other works including, "Fifty Years at the Bar", "When Two Become One - The Miracle in Marriage", "Come Holy Spirit", "Acknowledged a Man", and "A Man To Remember". They are pursuers of the opportunity of religious voters to vote for candidates who are free of corruption, and firm believers that the liberty and freedom of the American people is at stake, but that they have the solution.

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