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Nancy Rothner
Lewes, DE
Pinch Me
Cutting Edge Stress Relief - Holistic and Portable Pinch Me Therapy Dough
Every Container Purchased Pays for a Soldier's Half Day Stress Management Training
Pinch Me

Lewes, DE - June 16, 2014 -- Pinch Me Therapy Dough, a one-of-a-kind way to soothe nerves with a simple squeeze of the fingers, is a professionally-developed, soft, pliable dough infused with calming aromatherapy. Today's high-impact lifestyles can take their toll and the right method for stress-relief is in demand. That method is Pinch Me, which is expertly designed to serve as a simple, holistic way to take the edge off. Pinch Me Therapy Dough is a non-prescription, drug free, 'as-needed' relief supplement that stressed-out souls can use 'in a pinch'.

It began with the aspiration of Nancy Rothner, clinical hypnotherapist and Founder of Pinch Me Therapy Dough, to provide a universal, holistic stress-relief and relaxation technique that can be used for instant relief anytime, anywhere. Pairing her experience with both conventional and alternative stress reduction methods, Rothner gave life to Pinch Me.

Recently teaming up with, an organization dedicated to assisting soldiers to alleviate military-related stress, Rothner has been able to pursue her passion in providing an expert method of PTSD relief to soldiers. Every container of Pinch Me purchased pays for a soldier's half-day stress management training. The mission is to help others lead less stressful lives. Pinch Me Therapy Dough, an affordable and accessible way of realizing this outcome, is the ideal way to replenish, rejuvenate, and get back to center.

Six Pinch Me Therapy Dough Formulas

Caption: Pinch Me Therapy Dough comes in six unique formulas; its carefully chosen colors and scents relieve stress and provide a soothing, pacifying effect
Pinch Me's color palette was professionally designed to calm with each subtle hue, while each of the scents have been carefully chosen for their pleasantly pacifying qualities. "Throughout my work, I began to repeatedly witness that clients were able to readily shift from unresourceful emotional states to a better frame of mind simply by introducing a pleasing scent," says Rothner. Based on established mind-body healing methodologies, Pinch Me Therapy Dough works by combining the proven relaxation technique of tender, repetitive gripping with soft scents and subtle colors to provide a 'total package' effect.

 "As you massage the dough, your body begins to release tension. Gently applied pressure steadily relaxes the hands, as a gradual hush starts to wash over you." Rothner explains. Strategically oriented primarily for adults, Pinch Me Dough has also proven effective with college students and teens. Designed for times of stress or just to unwind, it can be reached for any place, any time. "It provides a place of refuge. So simple yet so effective," Rothner says, and concludes, "Relaxation is always in style."

About Pinch Me and Nancy Rothner

Pinch Me Pinch Me Dough is one of a kind. No other product uses pliable dough that creates a relieving sensation upon gripping, combined with gentle colors and therapeutic scents. Through this unique method, Pinch Me effectively causes its users to make associations with pleasant experiences as well as connections with the elements of being in nature.

Nancy Rothner is a clinical hypnotherapist with over a decade of experience in the field of stress reduction. Having seen first-hand the toll that tension takes on the body and mind, Rothner embarked on her quest, and this placating putty came to fruition in the convenience of a portable tin.


Pinch Me Therapy Dough comes in six unique formulas and makes a great gift for everyone on your list. For more information or to purchase Pinch Me Therapy Dough, visit the website at


Media samples are available on request. Nancy Rothner is available for interviews and appearances. Contact her at or call 1-800-331-5785.


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