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Kathy Brady
Mid Ohio Detox
Anesthesia Assisted Detox for Opioid Dependency - Making Detoxificaton Possible For Those Who Never Thought They Could at Mid Ohio Detox
A Faster, Safer Alternative to Chemical Withdrawal


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Mid Ohio Detox - A Different Kind of Detox
Westerville, Ohio - August 18, 2014 -- Mid Ohio Detox offers the safest, most innovative, and effective process to detoxify an individual with opioid dependency. They are the only licensed center in the Midwest designed for anesthesia assisted detox (AAD). Anesthesia assisted detox (AAD) is known by many names, such as anesthesia assisted rapid opioid detox (AAROD), rapid drug detox (RDD) or ultrarapid drug detox (URDD). This procedure allows the patient, while under general anesthesia, to go through the detoxification process without the painful side effects of traditional rehabilitation.
In the state of Ohio alone, prescription drugs account for more deaths than any other drug, prescription or illegal, increasing from 369 deaths in 1999 to 1,765 deaths in 2011. Recently, federal regulators ordered tougher warnings on widely used painkillers responsible for what they call an epidemic of addiction and overdose. This epidemic not only negatively impacts the addict and family but also takes an extreme toll on society, resulting in increased healthcare costs, unemployment and criminal activity.
Picture caption: Mid Ohio Detox Center offers a safe method for effectively treating opioid and opiate dependency.
For years the torturous withdrawal process was the only option for those suffering from opioid dependency, widely deterring addicts from initiating recovery. Mid Ohio Detox offers a faster, safer, and more humane alternative to chemical withdrawal; also serving as a method for detox that patients can feel is attainable.
AAD resolves the physical withdrawal symptoms of opiate dependency within a matter of hours, allowing the patient to move on to the next phase of treatment quickly, insuring a successful, sustained recovery. "We understand that the majority of people suffering with opioid dependency never intended to become addicted. We do not believe that the detoxification process should involve pain or punishment or take weeks out of your life," Says Dr. Jon Calland, Mid Ohio Detox. He goes on to say, "Because of our safety protocols, outstanding facility, and highly trained and experienced physicians, we feel confident when we state that we are the safest facility to undergo AAD."

Although some individuals have the capacity to withdraw from opiate addiction without participating in a medically-supervised treatment program, the "cold turkey" approach can be quite painful and is simply not an option for other patients. Every patient reacts differently as his or her body adapts to abstinence. Mid Ohio Detox provides a safe approach with all physicians performing rapid drug detox being board certified, licensed, practicing anesthesiologists. 

About Mid Ohio Detox

At Mid Ohio Detox, all anesthesiologists performing the procedure are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesia and each has a minimum of 13 years of clinical experience. They completed their training at Cleveland Clinic or The Ohio State University Medical Center. The treatment takes place at an accredited surgical center providing the safest management for all patients' procedures. In addition to performing AAD, each physician continues to practice cardiac and/or general anesthesia at local hospitals, and all are airway experts, with each performing over 750 intubations every year without complications. Every patient is treated as an individual, and with utmost dignity and respect. Confidentiality is one of Mid Ohio Detox's highest priorities, and all HIPAA laws are strictly followed. The procedure they perform only resolves the physical aspects of the addiction, which is believed to be the essential first step. Although, Mid Ohio Detox does not offer ongoing therapy, they highly encourage follow up counseling and treatment for every patient, and are available to help coordinate this continued treatment to insure a successful long term recovery for all of their patients.

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