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Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein
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Alabama Governor Bob Riley Sought to Annihilate Corruption Whistleblower
Assassination Attempts Made Against Alabama Judicial Whistleblower Exposed

Picture Caption: Headshot of Whistleblower Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein.
Birmingham, AL - September 17, 2014 -- On the second of July, 2010, judicial whistleblower Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein was removed from US Airways Flight 3855 by Birmingham, Alabama airport police when in transit from Birmingham to Philadelphia, as she fled to New York fearing for her life.

The background to this distressful event lies within judicial and political corruption in Houston County, AL, when it was detected by Bauman Rubenstein and tied directly to former Alabama governor Bob Riley, who was governor at the time the discovery was made.

In a Houston County court case involving Bauman Rubenstein's father, well-known local millionaire Ted Bauman, whose Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney had been forged, Bauman Rubenstein found herself up against a stalemate of corrupt judges who sought to deny pertinent information vital to her case, in the interest of the situation's burial within Alabama Courts.
Dothan Alabama lawyer, Regions Bank local board member, and secretary/partner in Victoryland Dog Track and Casino, G. David Johnston, was found by Bauman Rubenstein to be behind a massive cover-up involving judicial corruption through illegal campaign contributions, including cash and mortgage pay offs. Johnston hides numerous companies, some of which include defense contracting and Government Contracting, falsely under the names of his two sisters.

The Alabama Judges Involved

Larry K. Anderson, who received approximately 400k in mortgage releases by and through Regions Bank, and who was the initial judge seated in Bauman Rubenstein's legal case. Anderson has substantially benefitted financially from his position on the bench.

Dale Segrest, who received mortgage releases for his property and that of his son, near Victoryland, in the period when presiding on Bauman Rubenstein's case against Regions Bank, during which he had no income, as he acknowledged to the Alabama Ethics Commission.

Leon Bernard/Burt Smithart, who received substantial cash and campaign contributions which were used to purchase a new 500K home without mortgage on Lake Martin, in addition to his 400+K home in Union Springs, and an obscured condo in Destin, Florida, which was removed from his name and hidden under a friend's name while owned by Smithart. Smithart has also been discovered to use two dates of birth, while his wife, Elizabeth Smithart, has two different social security numbers in addition to hiding assets under the alias Elizabeth Smith. The Smitharts have no mortgages, and neither automobiles nor boats are allegedly owned by the Smitharts under their names.

"I uncovered this unfortunate mess after I found Johnston had changed my father's will and trust and power of attorney with forged documents while my father was in a nursing home with Alzheimer's disease," Says Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein, who goes on to say, "The above mentioned judges were handpicked to sit on the case; I forced two judges off my case after uncovering financial ties with Johnston and Regions Bank, who I was suing for mismanagement and theft of millions of dollars from my parents' estate. There is/was no question regarding the forgery of my father’s documents, as stated by Alabama Forensic Handwriting Examiner, Dr. Richard Roper, in an affidavit."

Assassination Attempts

It was on the second of July, 2010 that Bauman Rubenstein realized her phone had been tapped and her computer hacked, and resolved to seek the assistance of a friend in New York, who had ties to the US Government, to get her safely out of the state of Alabama immediately. Later that day, Bauman Rubenstein was helped onto another flight by Birmingham's airport police, where, unfortunately, she recognized the face of Governor Riley's ABI - Alabama Bureau of Investigation - agent, Brooke Walker, expert in computer and cyber crime, whom Bauman Rubenstein had seen following her numerous times throughout the previous year and on the same flight. "I was being followed and had been involved in at least one apparent set up automobile accident, and therefore made the decision to leave the state for my safety," States Bauman Rubenstein. "It is my belief and knowledge that I was removed by actions of ABI as I had tracked the corruption involving the judges to Governor Riley."

Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein withheld this information until now in the interest of protecting her late 91 year old mother who was in Alabama at the time under a legal guardianship overseen by Judge Smithart.

Please contact Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein at or call 914 939 1476. To speak with Bauman Rubenstein's lawyer, Michael Rountree of Troy, AL, please call 334 268 0939.